Tricky Tesla

Why Tesla has to forego a government grant of more than one billion euros, even though it was previously applied for. Elon Musk gives the do-gooders.

From Harald Kaiser

The gentleman makes a powerful impression again - at least with those often uncritical admirers who hang on his every word anyway. They think he's honest. Tesla boss and electric car guru Elon Musk, who is as dazzling as it is unpredictable, recently tweeted that he was foregoing 1,1 billion euros in state dough to set up his own battery production in his new car factory in Grünheide / Brandenburg. The unformulated subtext should probably read: We don't need that.

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Climate targets cannot be achieved without synthetic fuel

Comment from Peter Schwerdtmann

The climate targets cannot be achieved without synthetic fuels. The speakers at the 15th Berlin Automobile Dialog, which was hosted today by the Central Association of the German Motor Vehicle Industry (ZDK) as an online discussion, are in agreement with this view. Since a possible ban on new registrations of internal combustion engines would only have a minor impact on the fleet of existing vehicles reached by then, the expansion of so-called e-fuels is urgently required.

Volkswagen ID Life: The small car from the future

Two years earlier than announced, Volkswagen plans to add a first small car to the ID family as early as 2025. As a first outlook on such a vehicle, the company is now presenting the crossover study ID Life, which, with its combination of sustainable elements and digitization, is intended to specifically address a young urban target group. The crossover model with four doors, a large tailgate, a raised seating position and variable interior space will cost between 20.000 and 25.000 euros as the entry-level “Accelerate” model.

The mood makers: How quickly we get the results of studies or surveys on the glue.

From Harald Kaiser

Cars? Yuck, for God's sake! This is Uropa's means of transport. Today cargo bikes are popular. In the opinion of the Greens, there should also be a purchase bonus for them if possible - if the gentlemen should be involved in the next federal government. But they have already managed to get the cargo bike number spread in the media. And so they definitely got the attention they had hoped for.

IAA Mobility: No Country for Old Cars

It should have become clear to everyone that the IAA will never be the same as it was in Frankfurt. The organizers and organizers of the Munich IAA Mobility have, however, achieved excellent communication with the new concept. Starting with digitization and brilliantly designed apps to the external exhibition venues in downtown Munich. The new concept is undoubtedly mega cool. Why the car opponents wanted to throw sand in the gears, sometimes with violence against police officers and silly abseiling actions of motorway bridges, makes it clear: The car, no matter how green it is, should be abolished.

Although it was mainly e-mobility and innovative ideas that were presented at the IAA Mobility and thus actually the wishes of the car opponents were met, the car opponents consistently stick to their line of wanting to abolish individual mobility. "The car as a means of transport has to disappear", yelled an activist on the Theresienwiese, where there were also massive scuffles with the well-prepared Munich police, who, however, acted fairly free of tolerance and knew how to prevent excesses of the demo. Regardless of how “green” the car manufacturers make their cars: “The car must be abolished” was the message on banners, while the IAA Mobility tried to score points in all halls with e-mobility.

Frank Wald: The IAA should no longer be called the IAA

Always embarrassing when it turns out that what you pretend to be is not really what you are - as has recently been exemplified by some of our supposedly promoted or prominent politicians. Even when visiting this year's IAA Mobility in Munich, the impression remains that people adorn themselves with foreign feathers. In contrast to the trade fair name - and especially in comparison to previous events in Frankfurt - this International Motor Show does not live up to its name or its claim.

Audi Skysphere concept study: the future is longer than the past

The Audi presentation in Pepple Beach, California, couldn't have been more sensational. The wow factor spread around the exhibit like the gravitational waves of the Big Bang over the famous golf course, where the automotive media and car guys scene admires design studies every year at Monterey Auto Week and oldtimers find new owners for ridiculous sums of money .