The mood makers: How quickly we get the results of studies or surveys on the glue.

From Harald Kaiser

Cars? Yuck, for God's sake! This is Uropa's means of transport. Today cargo bikes are popular. In the opinion of the Greens, there should also be a purchase bonus for them if possible - if the gentlemen should be involved in the next federal government. But they have already managed to get the cargo bike number spread in the media. And so they definitely got the attention they had hoped for.

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E-mobility: Has the CO2 balance been calculated incorrectly?

It would be a mistake to turn the EU's mobility strategy upside down as part of the “Green Deal”: 171 scientists in an open letter to the EU Commission asked for calculation errors at CO2-Balancing of electromobility pointed out. One of the authors, Professor Thomas Koch from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), explains what it is about in an interview with Jens Meiners from the Authors' Union Mobility.

Professor Koch, what is the mistake of reasoning and calculation that you are criticizing?

Audi will say goodbye to the combustion engine from 2026 - China will stick to it until 2060

"The political pressure has simply become too great," says an ex-development director of a German premium manufacturer on the subject of the combustion engine. Currently announced by Audi, this decision will change the car market dramatically. "The decision was obviously made under pressure from VW boss Herbert Diess, who wants to switch the entire group to electricity."

The decision will fall on Audi because it is also suggesting to current Audi customers that they are backing the wrong horse if they still buy an Audi internal combustion engine today. Audi customers would feel abandoned, even betrayed, by their company.

Customers: At Audi, resistance to gender language is growing

"Instead of practicing gender-speaking, we should better concentrate on the further development of our vehicles, the lead through technology," complains a not insignificant Audi man from the development department. He is not the only one who thinks the Audiian spelling is "the greatest nonsense since the introduction of the defeat device in group engines". A VW employee even feels discriminated against and has filed a lawsuit against the gender language prescribed by HR director Sabine Maaßen at the regional court in Ingolstadt.

BMW 330e Touring Plug-in Hybrid: A future-proof bridge to electromobility

The best thing about electromobility is (still) the compromise. And I am convinced that it is called a plug-in hybrid. No range worries, driving without necessarily having to charge electrical energy beforehand, still being able to drive emission-free in the city and driving economically even with the combustion engine. This point of view was confirmed by the BMW 330e Touring Plug-in Hybrid, which not only impressed me as an automobile, but also with a few interesting technological features.


The auto industry is holding back with loud protests against anti-car policies - VDA calls for more e-infrastructure - China may even increase its CO2030 emissions by 2

Since the ruling by the Federal Constitutional Court on stricter and more specific rules on "climate protection" after 2030, the parties have been overturning proposals that are even more stringent than the Paris Agreement in advance obedience. Above all, the federal government itself exceeds some of the demands of the Greens. Not for the sake of so-called “climate protection”, but to take all arrows out of the quiver of anti-car arguments for the Greens in the federal election campaign.

Nice appearance at Tesla

Comment from Harald Kaiser:

It's great how supposedly honest balance sheets can simulate success. Tesla, which the media likes to jazz up to be a shooting star and shock from all other car companies, is a wonderful example of this.

The Californian automaker announced a few weeks ago that it had exceeded all expectations and was able to deliver a total of 184.800 electric cars in the first quarter of the current fiscal year. Revenue: $ 10,4 billion, profit: $ 438 million. Allegedly, Tesla was able to post a year without a loss for the first time in 2020 and so it will apparently continue in 2021.