Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess relies on e-planning and ignores an important principle

VW is pushing the electric car. And even more vehemently than a year ago. And the VW boss is asking the other automobile companies to drop the principle of openness to technology that was previously considered sacrosanct. No wonder that leading car managers are storming the taboo break.

“The fact that VW of all people wants to set the technological pace for the future is a perfidious kind of arrogance that the industry cannot actually accept. VW - the mother of almost all of our credibility problems as a clock generator for drive technology. That is downright bold to call. ”According to a senior manager of a Bavarian automobile manufacturer who does not want to be named. "I'm not a coward, but as a senior engineer I have to hold back in public, although I've been very annoyed with VW since the emissions fraud became known." The fraud has damaged the entire industry, so it shouldn't be that everyone is "behind VW should march here ".

BMW M550d xDrive: Against the law of inertia

When the diesels learned to run, they were still considered boring smokers - BMW only dared to venture into the world of auto-igniters in 1983 and is now one of the front runners. In view of the diesel discussion about limit values, which is not ideological, the BMW M550d xDrive with its 400 hp appears like a provocation.

The fact that, thanks to AdBlue and Speicherat, it also meets the strictest limit values ​​on the road and has the Euro6 d TEMP technology on board proves that the diesel engine is fit for the future. And when he enters the driving dynamics consciousness with such vehemence, driving pleasure and reason merge into synthesis.

BMW relieved from the Federal Motor Transport Authority - environmental aid reports doubts

BMW had dared to take action against the notorious “Deutsche Umweltthilfe eV” warning association. BMW has apparently refuted the claim of environmental aid that a BMW 320 d that it had tested would emit more nitrogen oxides than permitted, and the KBA had confirmed this. Environmental aid reports - whatever else - contradiction and doubts. Environmental aid continues its fight against diesel.

So the dispute about the truth goes into the next round. The KBA has confirmed to BMW that the BMW 320 d examined by TÜV Süd fulfills the "legal requirements in full". The environmental aid criticizes the restriction formulated by the KBA that the limit values ​​would be observed “under normal operating conditions”. Umwelthilfe insists on its claim that "the BMW 320d tested by the DUH emitted up to seven times as much nitrogen oxide in road traffic as in the laboratory test". The nitrogen oxides skyrocketed even when the car started sportily.

Detroit 2018: A trade fair in descent - guest contribution by Jens Meiners

The Cobo Hall at Detroit Rover has seen better days. The exhibition center, which was opened in 1960 and is at least on the inside from the 90s, has been the location of the auto show organized annually by the Detroit dealer association since 1965.

In the heyday, the “wedding in heaven” between Daimler-Benz and Chrysler was celebrated; Ford presented itself with a conglomerate of international premium brands and GM launched one product after another under long-faded brand names such as Pontiac and Oldsmobile. Chrysler's concept cars were legendary, no one presented themselves more elaborately than the Auburn Hills brand.

Detroit: Diesel gate seems forgotten, Mercedes-Benz is number 1, BMW remains pale

Who would have thought that after the Diesel Gate and 23 billion fine, the Volkswagen brand would be so successful on the US market? Mercedes-Benz signals in Detroit that it is No. 1 among the premium brands. BMW also calls itself number 1, but remains pale. Ex-BMW board members criticize the lack of a brand profile and colorless press work.

VW brand boss Diess bristled with self-confidence. The fact that the Wolfsburg-based brand was able to grow by 2017 percent in the US market, which had subsided by almost two percent in 5,2, actually proves that the Americans either forgave or forgot the diesel fraud. The two new launches for the US market (Jetta and Passat GT) are just right. Volkswagen is back. Incidentally, Volkswagen also grew worldwide in 2017: um

Pieter Nota: Does the new sales director at BMW have mouthwash in the blood instead of gasoline?

It is probably the most unusual personnel decision on the BMW board. A completely outside of the industry should bring the BMW Group back to the top of the premium manufacturers in terms of automobile sales worldwide.

The fact that Pieter Nota does not have any automotive experience not only caused a sensation in the Munich four-cylinder, but also caused annoyance and disappointment. Not only for those who have calculated opportunities themselves after the age-old departure of sales manager Ian Robertson, but also for many on the sales front. “It will be difficult for a BMW sales manager who has no idea about our core brand and who has not experienced the differences between a rear-wheel drive and front-wheel drive. He can learn a lot, but ultimately he has toothpaste in his blood instead of petrol, ”criticizes the sales manager of a not insignificant BMW branch. This personnel decision causes unrest in the BMW universe all over the country.

New Audi A8: technology advantage

There were many advance laurels. But does the new Audi top model also live up to what is expected of it? And can it stand up to the luxury competitors of Mercedes and BMW? After the first test drives, there is only one answer: yes, yes! Small restrictions reserved.

Audi should slowly say goodbye to the mechanical and somehow backward-looking slogan of "advantage through technology". Because it is primarily the digitally rooted future technologies that assign the new A8 to what is probably the highest intelligence quotient in the circle of new automotive developments. An intelligence that should sometimes exceed that of its driver, because it can neither tire nor misjudge situations, but decides, acts and intervenes incredibly reliably with laser and sensor control in a fraction of a second. If the driver wants it! So no paternalism, but assistive assistance.

Mirror “revelation” more hot air than legal substance

The German car manufacturers seem paralyzed after the Spiegel “unveiling”. Cartel allegations in the room are not commented on. Although there is more hot air than legal substance in the Spiegel report, BMW has now spoken out.

“The basic rule is: BMW Group vehicles are not manipulated and comply with the respective legal requirements. Of course, this also applies to diesel vehicles. This is confirmed by the results of national and international official investigations.

The company decisively rejects the allegation that the AdBlue tank is too small for exhaust gas purification in Euro 6 diesel vehicles from the BMW Group.

Concept BMW 8 Series Coupé: Too good to come true?

This racy BMW Coupé is more than a vision. It should be more or less in this form on the market next year and can be seen at the IAA in September.

When formal language hits our hearts black, emotional ventricular fibrillation is the order of the day. What BMW presented as a concept in Villa d`Este this year can be placed in the Excitement of Summer category.

BMW M550d xDrive: New hammer diesel with 400 hp

BMW boss Krüger will be relying on combustion engines beyond 2030. As clearly as BMW CEO Harald Krüger has never said a car boss about the future of the internal combustion engine, which he believes will be sustainable in 2030 as gasoline and diesel. Now comes the M550d xDrive.

At the auto motor und sport congress, Krüger didn't say a word. The diesel is necessary in order to achieve legally binding fleet consumption. They all say that, but we have never heard it as pointedly as from Krüger. However, BMW will continue to work intensively on the electric car with battery and fuel cell as well as on hybrids and further develop these technologies.

BMW 540i: the five that could be a seven

The seventh generation of five makes it possible to conclude that there is no need for a sevens to enjoy luxury while indulging in luxury. With the new five, the Bayerische Motoren Werke have redefined the term upper middle class.

The scene has a slapstick character: When a passer-by looks curiously through the side window into the interior of the test car, we cannot resist the temptation. We start the engine by remote control using the vehicle key and move the five-way forward a few centimeters using remote parking. The man must be scared to death because he screams for a moment, jumps back and doesn't know what to think. No, it is not here Do you understand fun at work, but a technical feature that suggests the future of autonomous driving. After a short breath and our honest apology, the fact that the five doesn't just move autonomously, but doesn't even need a driver, fascinates us so much that we can't avoid a long explanation of the technology.

Does Donald Trump not know about the factories of German car manufacturers in the USA?

The image interview with Donald Trump ignores important facts despite a sensational presentation and great media response.

The fact that Bild-Editor Kai Diekmann succeeded in being admitted to the office of the future US President in New York's Trump Tower for an interview is undoubtedly a remarkable achievement. The interview is correspondingly well received in all media - brilliant PR for Bild-Zeitung. And its soon-to-be outgoing editor.

Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell: is future technology suitable for the present?

There is no question among experts that we will all be electric in the long term. Not with electricity from a battery, but from a fuel cell that turns hydrogen into electricity and only emits water vapor from the exhaust. What sounds a bit “too good to be true” is already a mobile reality. With a Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell, we tested whether this future technology is suitable for the present.

Apple's iCar will probably not become reality - BMW boss is upgrading current models electrically

Actually, there is no place where electric mobility is concerned. The customers are not yet ready for the future, it seems. BMW i drives the once offensive communication for the i3 and i8 on a back burner. In order to bring BMW i into the headlines as "leading provider of electric mobility", BMW boss Harald Krüger is planning a new foray into electric mobility, according to the Handelsblatt. However, not with new i-models, but with the electrification of the existing model range.

BMW board member Klaus Draeger retires early

Isn't it a pure waste of management potential if the supervisory board sends a board of directors, still 59 years old, into retirement “when the age limit is reached”? Isn't it time to think about the meaning of the regulation at BMW, that managers have to abdicate at the age of 60 and be pulled out of the work process? What a waste of experience, knowledge and energy! The opposite of efficiency. Especially since managers who have left BMW enjoy their work (not making money out of necessity!) Not infrequently with the competition.

So it will be nothing with electromobility

Many obstacles to mobility under power still make life difficult. E-mobility is subsidized by the state, but the interest in electric cars is disappointing. It has long been clear that the chancellor's fiction of one million electric vehicles in four years, which is fairly knowledge-free, is completely unrealistic. It is not the chancellor's fault, but acting half-heartedly towards the future slows driving pleasure with electricity, which mainly comes from the coal-fired power plant. But it is also not in the Stromer country Norway or Holland that the environmental idea is causing electric mobility to boom there. There are massive support measures such as free loading and use of bus lanes etc. In Germany it is half-heartedness, the inconsistency of empty symbol politics.