JD Powers study on customer satisfaction: Tesla quality: bad, gag: top - Audi is also declining

Tesla offers burglary protection like only the 007 company car, but is far behind in the quirks hit list. Audi is even more disappointing.

From Harald Kaiser

Is it just a gimmick or a useful thing? It's about the new type of remote monitoring for Tesla cars, which has a touch of James Bond glamor and which one would expect to find in the Aston Martin of the eternal agent. This is because the Tesla driver can use the recently activated remote function to control the immediate surroundings of the e-vehicle via built-in cameras in the car. And that via mobile communications from the comfort of your home, office, restaurant or anywhere else. The technology is called "Sentry Mode Live Camera Access" (roughly translated: surveillance mode with live camera access).

If someone comes (too) close to the car, this can not only be observed and the police can be notified at lightning speed in the event of a break-in attempt. If you want, you can also take action yourself. Namely via a loudspeaker installed under the car, which is mandatory for Teslas from the year of construction 2019 in the USA (originally to warn pedestrians about the relatively silent car). It is quite possible that the bad boy will quickly stop his attempt at cracking when he suddenly hears the voice of the car owner. Something like this: “Hey, you bum, keep your hands off my car. a video camera records everything. So go away! "

The annual JDPowers customer satisfaction study reveals many shortcomings

And it is also quite possible that the performance of such a number in the wet and happy circle of several people can make quite an impression. A similar gimmick is unlikely to appear on another topic: namely when it comes to the quality of the Teslas. Wanting to show off with that backfires, according to a recent study. The US consultancy JD Power recently presented the latest version of its widely appreciated and feared quality study for new cars. After that, it looks only a little better for the stock market star Tesla after the catastrophic debut in 2020 this year.

JD Power publishes survey results of the "Initial Quality Study" once every twelve months*. New car buyers are asked how satisfied they are with the quality of the vehicles they have purchased. To do this, the consulting company determines the so-called "PP100 value", which indicates how many problems per 100 vehicles have occurred in the first three months of ownership. In general, the infotainment systems are the most problematic area. Six out of ten major problems were reported in this segment, according to the consulting firm. This also explains why mass brands performed better than models from premium manufacturers, because the latter - like Tesla - usually equip their vehicles with more complex and probably more vulnerable technology.

Audi lost places in the quality ranking

When Tesla was included in the study for the first time last year, the manufacturer promptly came off as the worst-quality automaker. 250 errors were determined per 100 vehicles, with a gap of 22 points to the penultimate place Tesla landed at the end. The new study was therefore not only eagerly awaited by Tesla fans. In fact, Elon Musk's company was able to improve a little in terms of the number of errors: there were only 100 defects for every 231 vehicles - and that was a struggle Tesla up two places and ranks third from last in the 2021 ranking. However, it has to be mentioned that this is an unofficial rating, because Tesla (probably for good reason) did not agree with customers being asked about quality. Manager show star Musk had previously admitted on US TV that the company was struggling with major fluctuations in quality. JD Power did interview customers about defects in the car, but therefore left the final classification out of competition, so to speak. In the current study, the car manufacturer Audi performed even worse than Tesla, which even slipped one place compared to the previous year and has to be content with a position behind Tesla. 240 problems were reported here per 100 vehicles - in the previous year the company from Ingolstadt had 215 errors per 100 vehicles.

The gigantic RAM is in first place

Other German car brands were also unable to convince in the JD Power study. For Volkswagen vehicles, 213 errors per 100 vehicles were reported, the Daimler subsidiary Mercedes-Benz came up with 193 problems. This puts the two German automobile manufacturers in the lower mid-range. The Munich-based BMW Group was able to place itself somewhat better, with 166 defects per 100 cars being determined for its vehicles. In the meantime, the domestic competition was dwarfed by the sports car manufacturer Porsche. With an error rate of 163 per 100 vehicles, the Volkswagen subsidiary ended up in 16th place in the study, together with Lincoln. The gap to the best of the ranking is still big: The manufacturer RAM, which builds huge pickups and belongs to the European Stellantis group (including Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Citroën, Fiat, Lancia, Maserati, Opel, Peugeot), came up with only 128 Problems per 100 cars.











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