Incredible, but true: the traffic light coalition is sticking to the combustion engine!

Various chemical reaction processes are necessary for the production of Audi e-diesel.

While almost all media focus on the supposedly sensational announcement that there should be no general speed limit with a traffic light coalition, they overlook the real sensation: There should be no end to the internal combustion engine!!

Apparently nobody really noticed this real sensation hidden in the text of the agreement. Pushed through by FDP boss Christian Lindner, who has always spoken out in favor of openness to technology, this sentence says that combustion engines will continue to be approved for all eternity, as long as it runs on synthetic fueln. All around a bit of gossip about the “lead market for electromobility”, etc. The electric whirlwind is supposed to distract from the fact that the internal combustion engine, whether as a diesel or gasoline engine, is allowed to continue to operate. That’s a good thing!

As Audi has already made clear, diesel will continue to play an important role with “e-diesel” in the future. The death of burners, announced or decided by all manufacturers for the thirties, should not be taken seriously. Because they're all working on synthetic fuels. “It may be that we can continue to sell our internal combustion engines without major changes, if at all. Except that they can then only be operated with synthetic fuel, ”we hear from the Audi development department. So the ban on burners is nothing but hot air, a storm in a glass of water?

In the paper of the traffic light negotiators it says literally: "According to the proposals of the EU Commission this would mean in the transport sector that in Europe by 2035 only CO2-Neutral vehicles are allowed - this will take effect earlier in Germany. Outside of the existing system of fleet limit values, we are committed to ensuring that it is verifiable only vehicles that can be refueled with e-fuels can be re-registered. We want to make Germany the lead market for electromobility and to do so, massively accelerate the expansion of the charging station infrastructure. There will be no general speed limit. "

Why Germany should switch to CO2-neutral vehicles earlier than the other countries is justified rather thinly by the fact that Germany is home to the largest car industry. The fact that France, Poland and other countries also produce cars is ignored. Germany is supposed to be the model boy, is obliged to set an example, say the Greens.

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  1. Rolf Franz Nieborg | 17. October 2021 16 to: 59 | Reply

    This decision or FDP direction makes it clear that the FDP is astonishingly sustainable ...

  2. Yes, at first glance it gives hope.

    However, almost all combustion projects have already been discontinued by the local industry. The suppliers clear their capacities due to a lack of orders or go bankrupt.
    Should the emerging electricity shortage yield unexpected insights and actually force the burners to remain tolerated, they will not be produced in Germany. In view of high wage costs and the hostility to cars propagated by politics and the media, no manufacturer in Germany will build up production capacities for combustion engines again. A production in cheaper foreign countries would be conceivable; however, it is more likely that European manufacturers will be forced out of this market. Reason: In the future, modern engines will come from Asia, as technical development has long been taking place there.

    Unfortunately, this message is therefore only a small, flickering light in the middle of a great darkness.

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