It could hardly be more intelligent: Ingenious Mercedes spot for the 100th birthday of BMW

Shorter, more concise, intelligent, cheeky, subtle, friendly, personable, respectful, self-confident and confident you can hardly congratulate a competitor on his 100th birthday. Mercedes-Benz has dealt with the Spot “He's a Jolly good Fellow” won a top spot on the sympathy scale, which is open to the top. And at the same time expressed that it is not so easy to catch up with a 30-year lead. One would have to say correctly: we had to catch up. BMW has long since made up for its 30-year lead. Because Bayern have been ahead in many criteria for a few years now, which will probably not be sustained, because Mercedes-Benz has just started to overtake again.

Both companies are connected not only by the A 8 between Stuttgart and Munich, but by a common history. BMW was actually broke and was to be taken over by Daimler on December 9, 1959. Herbert Quandt invested and convinced the banks that BMW would get back on its feet. The takeover by Daimler was prevented and BMW was preserved as a company. The stability of the ownership structure, around 47 percent of the shares belong to the Quandt heirs, and the absolute commitment to the company has ensured the BMW Group's continuous development to this day. This was not without crises. There was the oil crisis in the early XNUMXs and the troubled adventure of taking over Rover, to name just the two most dangerous events. The BMW company could always rely on the main shareholders who never thought of selling their shares.

The anniversary celebration - typically BMW - is less concerned with the past, but wants to address the next 100 years. Future orientation is certainly one of the brand's outstanding core values, which never used to rest on laurels, but builds on them.

Speaking of the Daimler commercial: BMW should actually answer the ball, alluding to the cruel anniversary celebration of the 100th anniversary of Daimler, which was over five hours long: “The future is longer than the past. We therefore celebrate faster and a little shorter. ”At that time even Daimler CEO Werner Breitschwerdt intervened in the lengthy course of the event and asked the famous director Michael Pfleghar to stop the show immediately. The endless celebration in the Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle went down in the company's annals as a communicative embarrassment.

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