The “German Environmental Aid” criticizes church fleets, the media parrot unreflectingly and denounce “dirty bishop bolides” - do they still have them all?

DUH managing director Jürgen Resch

Germany's so-called "environmental aid" makes you listen again. And the leading ones CarCritics of the republic allow themselves to be tied up in front of the carts of stupid surveys, pray according to given nonsense and, obsessively overriding in verbal climate rescue zealously, write down what "environmental aid" wants to find out.

After managers and politicians, it is also the turn of the church representatives to be put in the pillory of the climate killer: According to the Süddeutsche Zeitung and "investigative" by the "Environmental Aid", their excellencies drive for the third time determined above all "expensive Co2 slingshots". Oh god forgive them because they don't know what they're driving.

It is still understandable that environmental aid cannot see that the climate - whether good or bad, hot or cold - cannot be killed. It is incomprehensible that the media are jumping on this topic with gratitude.

The most recent survey found 47 caboose Church dignitaries checked for their CO2 emissions. Only 14 vehicles are obviously under 130 g / km. The evangelical church leaders would have done best with eleven green cards. For example, the Evangelical Bishop Ralf Meister is praised for his VW Phaeton swapped for a Mercedes E300 Blue Tec Hybrid that only emits 109 g / km CO2. Bravo! Who is interested that the phased Phaeton is now emitting CO2 elsewhere?

“Environmental Aid” managing director Jürgen Resch generously concedes that there is no need to let the bishops follow “the exemplary behavior of the pope” and switch to an R4. This argument is also gratefully prayed for. That the Pope's R 4 with one standard consumption of 6,0 liters and ergo 142 g / km CO29 emissions would be a climate sinner - it doesn't matter. R2 just signals more environmental awareness than one BMW Five, even if it emits less CO2.

Of course, the "scandal bishop" also has to get rid of his fat when it comes to luxury cars. Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst received a red card - his BMW 535d four-wheel drive diesel emits 157 grams of CO2 per kilometer. Incredible! To do this, the bishop who kills the climate will definitely have to braise in hell.

Do they still have all the cups in the cupboard from the “environmental aid”? How much ridicule is left to be endured? Hopefully the clergy will follow the example of Bishop Lehmann from Mainz in the next questioning by “Umwelthilfe”: He simply refused to accept the silly CO2 Inquisition.


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  1. All Christian churches are committed to the preservation of creation based on their guiding principle! This also requires appropriate behavior in your own lifestyle!

    This is exactly why I think it is completely irresponsible to constantly have a discussion about breaking every gram of CO2 emissions off the fence!

    The limit of 130 grams has been set absolutely arbitrarily and in no way reflects a scientifically justifiable limit. But on the contrary! It is not even half the truth!

    This limit does not even take other factors into account! We always talk about mobility taking place at the COST of the environment! GOOD! Then you have to look at the TOTAL COSTS actually incurred (total cost of ownership)!

    Here, however, the famous hybrid with often more than 100 kilograms of hazardous waste (battery) and the resulting problems often performs worse than a BMW 535!
    In addition, there is the sometimes extremely complex extraction of raw materials for modern battery technology. These (keyword rare earths, for example, an addition to NiMh batteries) are often added to the economic cycle under rather inhumane conditions and disregarding all environmental protection.

    In addition, the “old polluters” are not really scrapped, they only do their job elsewhere in the world ... but often without having to go to the AU every two years ... without a functioning KAT!

    As long as problems like these are only based on singular key figures, of course very effective for the media, there is a real solution far away!

    We all know that there will always be a climate ... we do not know our exact influence on it and yet you can keep your environmental conscience in harmony with a 5 Series BMW and all-wheel drive!

    By the way, between production (Germany) and delivery (Germany) to the Bishop of Limburg, the 5 Series already saves so much CO2 compared to a vehicle manufactured overseas ... you can step on the gas and the smile stays on your face!

    By the way, I drive Smart! Of conviction! Small, light, agile!
    Brabus convertible! Of passion! Fast, direct, open!

  2. The statements made here about climate change shock me! Two pseudo saviors of the economy seem to have found themselves here. Both here and in the second blog, the understandable points of view of the German environmental aid are ridiculed.
    Even Republicans in the US have now accepted the link between CO2 emissions and climate change.
    Here two yesterday's people seem to hold onto their thesis as well as creationists at the formation of the earth in 7 days!

    Of course, it is absolutely essential that public authorities in particular set a good example and live the environmental concept.
    In addition, the gentlemen do not seem to pay any tax either, because I have no interest in using my hands to finance the BMW 5 series of a showy bishop.

    Finally arrive in reality and today! Take a break and take such lobbyist articles off the net! Which company do you actually pay to make such madness public?

    • @Claudia Merck - That CO2 has anything to do with climate change has not been proven until today, but only a thesis that is perceived as a fact by many governments and "climate savers" like yourself. Even if CO2 has something to do with the climate, a BMW 5 Series is one of the most efficient vehicles on the market and, in my opinion, very exemplary in contrast to the Pope's vehicle, which is a real muck.

      In addition, if you pay church tax you are to blame yourself.

      Here are some interesting web links: or

  3. Climate change has always existed. There were ice ages on earth and also hotter climates. It is therefore utter nonsense to add climate change to everyone in the car. The car is certainly not a climate killer, since the author correctly recognized the climate cannot be killed….

    And what should the dignitaries drive out of the church. A good example? E-car or hybrid? What raw materials are needed to manufacture the batteries and where does the electricity come from for all the cars? That is the question:
    Here is a possible answer:

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